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so i did a quick sketch at school :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 1 0 Newsflash nobody may care about :^D (Desc) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 1 My robloxian :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 Demon Inside (Read DISC!) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 PURNCESS FLRATWIAPPIEDASH :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 NOT LAME! :D (Made in roblox studio) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 1 6 I wouldn't do that if i were you SKANK! :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 1 3 Meet your emotion Curiosity (Read desc) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 Meet your other little voices (read disc) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 Meet Affection (Read Desc) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 1 1 My Oc (READ DESC) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 1 0 Cute Fluttershy (READ DESC!) :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 2
Spooki Mlp Story
You, The princess of Flowers and Magic Who in which is an long lost Sister of Celestia and Luna (Pretty spooky). Walk down Ponyville in midnight and you are hungry (Omg) So you stop by SugarCube Corner to get some frickin cake (Im crying). You see Pinkie pie washing the tables and you ask her if there is any cake left (I need another set of Undies). So she says "Sure just follow me into this deep dark basement with a bunch of dead stuff and ill get it for you!" (:0). Because your a stupid Mary sue idiot with no brain whatsoever you follow her because you want that frickin cake (Idiot). She turn on light and spoopy bodies are everywhere and she turns into spooki Pinkamena ( is better murder pone). She
eats you and you never get the cake :(!  
The end.
(I do not own any of the Hasbro® characters used.)
Thanks for reading!
:iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0
Fluttershy practice. :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 Humanized Puppet :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0 Creepy girl practice :iconneondjproductions:NeonDjProductions 0 0


Miko's Dance :icontr-b:TR-B 461 34 Suicide Squad : Joker and Harley Quinn :icono-pan:o-pan 1,320 36 Harley + Ivy :iconflashbros:FlashBros 74 4 WTA: Summer Girl (OPEN) :iconmarshmallowselfylove:MarshmallowSelfyLove 1 0 instead of doing your makeup :iconsaltmatey:saltmatey 114 9 Here's Benson! :iconmordekhay88:Mordekhay88 654 106 Roger Rabbit BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 746 80 Princess Zelda BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 1,696 203 Rapunzel BADASS :icontohad:Tohad 983 92 Creepypasta breakfast. :iconparadoxoid:Paradoxoid 4,823 930 Splatoon - The Rollering :iconsrpelo:SrPelo 1,427 156 Team Splatoon :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,450 158 BEDTIME :iconblargberries:blargberries 3,107 406 It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,971 830 Time Travels :iconclaudia-sg:Claudia-SG 190 20 Things I learned about. :iconfealasy:Fealasy 170 19
Just a Bunch of Stuff i really Like



Though I'm currently working on an comic... I would like to hear what you guys would like to see! I haven't been posting because i have been often practicing my drawing.

I would like to hear which of the following you strangers want to see the most...

•Magic Trick (Homestuck Comic)

•Jean's mask (Attack on titan)

•You got mail! (Creepypasta)

•Build a..Mom? (Brave)

•Foxy and the Ponies (Five nights at freddys)

Just say which one of these you want to see most, Though keep in mind my art is still a little..uhh..uptight? But i dont use bases or ocs in my comics.. I swear...


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United States
Oi! Welcome to my Profile, Call me NeonDjProductions or Jolki. I am currently just a paper and pencil artist but soon to be a tablet drawler too! I am not to old or to young so don't threat. My favorite shows or cartoons are; A.O.T/Homestuck/Supernatural/ Together/Doctor Who/ annnddd so on. My favorite thing to draw is intense profiles and humorous comics or pictures and my least favorite thing to draw is anything including teenage romance scenes (Gay marriage not included). I do not usually have time to post but i will.. WILL start posting more. Just wait until that dawn of time.


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